Blackmar's New Versatility

Blake Blackmar

Scout300 pre-season selection Blake Blackmar has a new found versatility in his arsenal of talents, caught up with him at the Next Level Athlete Top 100 Showcase to discuss that and get an early peak in to his recruitment...

Blake Blackmar, a 6-foot-6, 315-pound offensive lineman from Clear Lake (Texas) High is an intriguing prospect. He has the wingspan of an offensive tackle, the bulk of an offensive guard and can also snap the ball. Making him a possible target at multiple positions.

In 2012, he started off the season playing left tackle, but moved to center out of team necessity.

"I started off the season playing left tackle and I was doing really good," Blackmar explained of his junior year. "Halfway through the season – against Brazoswood – coach asked me on Monday 'can you snap' and I said 'I can learn'."

"Then he moved me to center and running the ball we ended up getting over 1,000 yards in four games. I did really good snapping and run blocking. My junior year was more about dominating people."

At the Next Level Athlete Top 100 Showcase Blackmar showed tremendous strength and power with his punch and the ability to take on quick defensive linemen after snapping the ball. Impressive in a one-on-one situation, where they linemen were actually snapping the ball before engaging the defenders.

"This was a new experience but I think after a few reps I got the hang of it," Blackmar admitted. "It is a little different snapping in games and snapping in one-on-one's in a setting like this."

On the recruiting front, it was no surprise to hear that Blackmar had a number of high level BCS programs in pursuit. He is still waiting on his first offer, but it should only be a matter of time. Many programs invited him in during the season to see the atmosphere on gameday and those schools were the first mentioned as well when asked about his early favorites.

"I went to the Oklahoma (vs.) Notre Dame game," Blackmar reported. "I went to the Baylor (vs.) Kansas State game. I like both of those teams (Oklahoma and Baylor). I went to the Texas Tech (vs.) West Virginia game. I like Tech. I went to the Texas A&M (vs.) LSU game and I like both of them.

"I am going up to Baylor's Junior day. I get a lot of mail from Kansas State and I am going to start talking to them. Missouri, Georgia, Arkansas. Mostly Big 12 and SEC schools."

Blackmar added that "Oklahoma is my number one" and explained that he liked multiple things about the Sooners' program.

"It was College Gameday when I went up there (for the Notre Dame game) and I got a tour of the Petroleum Engineering Department," Blackmar answered when asked what has pushed OU to the top of his wish current wish list. "At OU they have a huge stadium, a tradition of winning."

"My dad (Bruce Blackmar) played at UT. My great-grandparents both went to OU, so there is some family history too. So its kind of in this house (Blackmar family) and kinda close to home, which is cool."

Blackmar added that even though he was interested in the Petroleum Engineering Major that OU offered him, he is "not set on my major" and is also interested in a Sports Development/Advertising program at Baylor as well. Recommended Stories

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